Posted on Jun 22, 2006

The idea behind is that of being the Internet’s used CD store. Pick up albums you think you might like on the cheap, bring them back in if you don’t like them, trade them for something else. To acquire a used CD (without liner notes or jewel case) is $1.49. “Not a bad price!” But you have to trade in your CD’s to get any out at all.

My first thought on using the system was “I just input 150 of my CD’s, and I would trade two of these in, and might trade another two.” What’s the big deal?

But then, two things happened. I got an impeccible copy of Alpha’s The Impossible Thrill, featuring liner notes and the artwork for the back of the jewel case. Wow.

I then spent a little more time exploring the site, and got my want list up to about 80 albums. I am now rabidly looking through my list, thinking “I could go without that CD. I want my orders filled!” They’ve got me.

If you’re interested in what lala’s all about, drop me a line. I’ll be happy to send you an invite.