Posted on Sep 15, 2006

Megan and Blogging

Megan’s blogging a lot more than I am now. How embarrassing! But I couldn’t be happier at the prospect, since we’re already talking about how differently we value and treat our memories.

We’ve decided on a couple of wedding details. We’re getting married at the Dominion Club here in Richmond. Megan has already bought her dress, and my sister has already bought one of the bridesmaid dresses, since one of the colors has also been selected. We’re working on getting the budget for the food put together, then a lot of other pieces will fall into place.

I’ve fiddled around with the blog software that powers this blog, and, as much as I’d like to say otherwise, I’m likely to be on this software for the near future.


I am very happy having moved my Tracks installation to my friend Ryan’s GTDTracks service. It’s very affordable, considering I was spending much more than its monthly cost trying to keep it running on my own machine at home.

My favorite Wiki is available for free to non-profits. I’ve chosen Rose Hosting since they offered Debian Sarge at a reasonable monthly rate. Hopefully, CISV will finally have a wiki that won’t scare people and that can keep out the thugs.

I’m hopeful that the CISV USA website redesign project will begin relatively soon. We’re waiting on a design from International.


I don’t think that I’ve announced that I’m in the most fun fantasy league I’ve ever been in. I’m also doing quite alright. My goal was to score 55 points (in a 10-team league, that’s moderately above average) and to finish “in the pack”. I’m a little behind that, currently, but at one point I was in third place. I’ve got a better team for the future than I thought I would have. My off-season will now be visited by monsters.

I am, of course, salivating at the prospect of another football season. Especially one where I’ll get to see my first UVA Cavaliers game. I’ll be at the Thursday night game, Oct. 19, against the North Carolina Tar Heels.

Last night’s UT-Florida game is just another example of why I love college football. Dramatic, huge momentum changes, great football played by young men on both sides, lots of mental toughness, and a bunch of great stories. I loved it, even if UT did take the loss.


I had a great time during a visit with Jeremy last week. I have been a bit concerned at various times during our past discussions that attempting to merge our outlooks would result in more heat than light, but now I’m more hopeful that we’ll both learn a lot from the process.