Forgive Me

Posted on Oct 25, 2006

After spending more and more time with Mephisto, I’m more convinced then ever that I need to make the switch for my personal space. I’m getting serious this time. The blog is turning into a CMS and taking over my main domain, which hasn’t been touched in many, many years. I’m working with Mephisto for CVREG, and at work with Planix. (Expect more about that application later.) Custom designs adorn them both, and my mind is sort of racing anyway– it’s easy to get carried away, but we’ll see what I can make happen. At any rate, please forgive the time lapse between posts as I prepare for tectonic shifts in my hosting arrangements.

Pursuant to the above, are there any web designers out there willing to barter work product? I can train you to be truly dangerous to your market with Ruby on Rails. (Dare to dream, Jim)