Posted on Nov 28, 2006
  • Megan and I redid the kitchen! It’s mostly her doing, although I did a lot of the furniture assembly. We repainted and redecorated.
  • I thought the holidays went really well, although I personally was sick for most of Thanksgiving day and parts of the surrounding days. I am mostly over it now, but not completely. Yuck.
  • I was effectively eliminated from playoff contention in my one fantasy football league. That’s tough to take, because I feel like the top three teams are all in my division, and I just didn’t get the breaks this year.
  • That fact has in no way damaged my enjoyment of this college football season, which is the most enjoyable in my memory—besides Tennessee’s 1997 championship, of course.
  • I think Jeremy and I are really getting into some fruitful discussion areas. Changing minds, both your own and others, is tough!
  • Thanks to some 3rd party software, my iPod and I are finally getting along somewhat. I want to like it, I do, it’s a great piece of hardware but I much preferred loading up my iRiver– it just did what I wanted.
  • I’ve been getting more exposure to Zimbra at work since we’re transitioning to a hosted service for our e-mail. That is one slick program! I’m excited that I might actually be able to use a calendar. Neither Google’s nor Yahoo!’s ever stuck for me.
  • I’m going to see if my sister can turn out a design for my redesign. Then, even if that works, I’ll have to do the CSS part. Here’s hoping! After that, I’ll still have to do some work to get the categories into Mephisto ready shape. But I’m excited and ready to make the switch.
  • As far as CISV goes, a new web design is in store there, and I think it’s really good. That’ll be a fun week to move the CISV USA site to something from the 21st century.
  • I heard she started with one red paperclip.