Railsconf Writeups: Joyent Happy Hour

Posted on Jun 1, 2007

Wow, this party was awesome! I went for the first two days. The second day gets its own entry, because me and Jon Maddox were some of the last people there. We shut the party down!

The most exciting thing that happened for me during the entire conference was on the balcony at the Doubletree when Chris Wanstrath (from [err the blog(http://errtheblog.com/)) pulled out his business card. On the back it says “Mite!” and I loudly proclaimed that his partner P.J. must have “Dyno” on the back of his. I was, of course, correct. Maybe next year (crosses fingers) I’ll actually collect them to prove it.

Basically, the best part about the Joyent party was that it was a lively exchange about a lot of different things, from the poverty/hockey relationship in Detroit with Grant McInnes, a talk about SXSW with a guy who used to dislike it but now works for them, running into Gianni Jacklone

and the list goes on.

The specifically Joyent part was also nice. I had a brief but enjoyable chat with David. I heard Jason talking to other Joyent staffers about things he probably wouldn’t want repeated. Kristie told me that she loves me, presumably for starting this thread and gave me a hug. She also gave me the advice to bring the Cubs hat, which isn’t a bad idea to help people recognize me. I met Ryan Schwartz and Mark Mayo, on top of the Scotts that I had met the day before.

When we got there, we saw something like this and when we were done, it looked like this.