Dept. Of For Everybody's Eyes Only: Pentagon Can't Even Give Away Its Secret War Plans

Posted on Jul 11, 2007

From the “Totally Believable Department”

Dept. Of For Everybody’s Eyes Only: Pentagon Can’t Even Give Away Its Secret War Plans:

It’s a good thing all the Iraq war plans are totally useless– otherwise our Determined Enemies might learn something from all the supposedly Top Secret documents just sitting on web servers that anybody can access.

If you want to know when and where the Army Corps of Engineers is building oil-pipeline stuff or security fences around U.S. bases or new torture prisons whatever, it’s all online! You don’t even need a password or anything.

To fuck with the military, Associated Press reporters are constantly downloading this stuff and then telling the Defense Department about the security problems. Then the Army guys scream and yell and demand that the AP reporters delete the secret plans and maps and whatever, but a week later it’s all back on the same computers again, ready for download.

The Pentagon is clearly trying to give this stuff away, but there just aren’t any takers.

Military files left unprotected online

(Via Wonkette)