An update by being tagged (was 8 habits / facts)

Posted on Aug 10, 2007

Matt Walters tagged me, and this seems like a decent enough way to catch everyone up with the basics of what’s going on at this extremely busy time in my life.

List eight habits or facts about yourself, then tag eight more people.

  1. I am not going to finish up writing RailsConf 2007 like I said that I would. I blame my readers for their utter lack of caring. It’s just too far in the rear-view mirror now. Next year, I’ll move more quickly.
  2. I left on a trip for Europe on July 16 and returned on July 30. It was an incredible trip, undoubtedly one I will remember for a long time. The trip was with 10 high-school children from King William county where Megan taught this year. I’m certainly going to try to blog about this.
  3. The time between RailsConf and Europe was spent primarily on XSLT project with a Flash front-end. That was different.
  4. Two days after I came back to work, I was laid off by my employer. It was four days before my ten-year high school reunion, and just over two weeks before The Big Day. I’m interviewing with several places around the country, and having an enjoyable time considering the possibilities. I am looking outside the Richmond area, and if you know of a senior level Ruby/Rails position with some managerial responsibilities, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
  5. I attended my ten year high school reunion, and I would describe it as surreal and anticlimactic. I expected to know more of the people who came.
  6. I get married in less than ten days.
  7. I use Twitter habitually, even though there’s really no point to doing so.
  8. I tend to be a very calm person typically, but if I am hungry, that is a dangerous time to irk me.

I’m not going to tag anyone, you can do this if you want.

(Via lost ramblings.)