Welcome to Some Guy's Blog

Posted on Dec 19, 2007

Hello, again, all! As my last update post may have led you to believe, I have indeed been monstrously busy over the past several months. It happens to the best of us.

Recently, however, I’ve managed to carve out enough time to do something that I’ve wanted to do for several years. The website that you are now reading not only has a snappy new domain but also the same software runs a site for my main domain at jimvanfleet.com. This is the first time that software of any kind has run my main domain, so, for a geek like me, that’s pretty neat.

My belief is that this setup will allow me to lay out my thoughts and interests with structure (which blogs don’t really do) while still using the blog format (which is the best for keeping people up to date and retaining interest). I’m getting to a point in my professional life where I expect to have to spend more time blogging to have the success that I’d like. What a world, huh?

So welcome! I know this is the first that you’ve heard from me in awhile, but I catch a flight to Iowa later today. IOWA!