2007 Year In Review: Goals

Posted on Dec 31, 2007

At the end of January 2007, I made a list of my goals for what I wanted to accomplish before my 29th birthday in February of 2008. There’s been so much change already that I think it’s OK to revisit this list in light of the first moments of 2008 being upon us.

Goals for the Blog

Short term: Get the blog URL structure cemented as best as possible.

I am satisfied with what I got done here. Without belaboring the point for those who don’t care too much, my goal was to get to a place where I would feel comfortable with Google no longer ignoring me.

Mid term: Get designer for personal site

I actually contacted someone who was willing to barter me some design skills for general technical excellence, but she backed out. Oh, well! I just picked a theme from the gallery as a result.

Year end: Have one two-word #1 Google result

I did accomplish this briefly– now appending “jimvanfleet” to the same query STILL doesn’t even get me first result. Google, you’re so shifty! I am going to change the form of this goal for next year to just encourage myself to create quality content. Anyone familiar with this blog should realize that’s a major challenge for me.

Goals for CISV USA

Short term: Get CISV USA moved to the new design

I am currently demoing a beta of another multiple-site Mephisto installation to allow some chapters to have their home pages there. This one is a success.

Mid term: Get someone to help with mail administration

Total failure here. Everyone I know is overqualified, and no one else has shown enough interest.

Year end: Get one group using the wiki actively.

Still time on this one! One more EEC retreat before my birthday, but I doubt it’ll work.

Goals for CVREG

Short term: Complete what