Another batch of quickies

Posted on Apr 14, 2008


I have a good GMail system that I love. I used it to sort through approximately 5,000 e-mails from over two years into a pile of less than 30. Two wrenches are in those gears right now. All my workstation time is on Mac OS X now (yes!) and the new FireFox 3 betas are already the best browser there, in my opinion. But curses! my Better GMail extension is not yet available! Second wrench– I have to learn to get back to my starred messages (a.k.a. action items). Take it to the next level.


I joined a church, the UUCC. I think we’ll have more on that as it develops, but it’s one of the elements in our Charlotte life that Megan and I have already come to value very deeply.


Megan made fun of me for calling a recent playlist “a mix tape,” because clearly it’s not getting anywhere near a cassette player. We don’t even own a cassette player (although I still have a few of my KTRU shows on tape– the dream lives on!).

I simultaneously acknowledge that she is right, and rue the woeful downgrade in the coolness of sharing personal music. A “playlist”? Really? A “mix” doesn’t even sound any better! Do I have to send people the MP3’s or do I make a real CD? Are they going to download these tracks? Yuck. Much less cool.

Also, was having a Walkman ever cool? I mean, people working out had them, and that was obviously cool. But what about everyone else?


On an related note, it blows my mind that having an iTunes library comprised largely of a network file share is such a problem. I don’t want to keep 160GB of music on my hard drive. HELLO!

Music, one more time (hit me!)

We didn’t go to a concert in Charleston, SC on Saturday night because my leg hurt so badly. We ended up having a low-key weekend with plenty of relaxation thrown in, as well as a haircut.


Megan and I are also having budget talks. It takes a long time to go from “we have no real way of tracking or planning for expenditures” to “we know what expenses we incur each month, and are planning to spend in ways that more closely match our values in the future.” We are getting very close, but it’s been a journey filled of discoveries and new understandings. I highly recommend it to everyone.