Posted on Jul 16, 2008

For those of you who are unfamiliar with my health problems with my leg, this may come as a surprise.

I had surgery a week ago, on Wednesday morning. You can see a description of lumbar micro-discectomy elsewhere.

I was nervous leading up to the incident, especially after finding out that I would be intubated, but that’s in the rear view mirror now. After they put the IV in, I remember a few more discussions and then them leaving me in a hall for a second. Next thing I remember was waking up after the procedure in the recovery room and asking for some water.

In terms of the pain that has been a part of my life for so long, that particular kind of pain is gone. I am healing from surgery, and that’s never going to be a ride at Carowinds, but there’s no comparison between them. I am so fortunate to come across excellent doctors and an exceptional hospital in Charlotte.

We’ve come a long way from that pretty helpless first 24 hours after the surgery, but there’s still always to go on the recovery process. I did have enough strength to run some errands yesterday afternoon, but I am on a very strict schedule for how long I can sit up straight. I even have what’s basically a perfect assistant there, having picked up Awaken during one of the last Mac software blowouts. I also have to wear these ridiculous tights for some kind of circulation issue in my legs. Don’t expect pictures.

My mother has been in town helping the recovery process, and she leaves in a few hours. I know both Megan and I have found her presence invaluable. It will be hard to say goodbye this time.

To sum up, I am still not fully independent (try keeping track of how often you bend at the waist today) but I am sure that day will come soon. That will be welcome.