Seven things you may not know about me

Posted on Dec 17, 2008

I lost track of everybody who sent this. @vinnie did it via DM, so he gets name checked, but feel free to leave a comment if you can provide evidence that you did it first.

  1. I was a DJ in college at KTRU for several years. (I probably scanned that logo.) My favorite story came during my first shift when I satisfied all my playlist requirements during the first hour of my shift, then played Brainfreeze in its entirety for the second hour. I had one caller who claimed to be on their way to their probation hearing prior to returning to jail, but Brainfreeze still put a smile on their face.

  2. My three cats are a Volunteer, a Longhorn, and a Tar Heel.

  3. I have probably imbibed 100 cases of Cherry Coke Zero this year.

  4. My middle name, Alanson (uh-LAN-son), has been in my family for three generations. It is my father’s first name, and his father’s middle name.

  5. I have been a part of a volunteer, non-profit organization called CISV since I was 11 years old. Its message is that children are basically the same the world around, but they grow up in different cultures. I haven’t lived in the same city as a chapter since I was in high-school, but I have never stopped volunteering.

  6. I am a recovering video game “addict”. I think Megan may hate World Of Warcraft more than anything in the entire world. I probably logged thousands of hours on Super Smash Brothers for the N64. I once won a game of NCAA Basketball on the SNES 132-0 without using the reset button. I found every exit on Super Mario World for each of the three saved game slots. I am pretty sure I spent my entire freshman year playing Diablo and reading comic books.

  7. If I were to review my resume for college application at this point in my life, I doubt that I could remember 50% of the things on it, even though I know I must have done them.