Ruby Go Mobile Web

Posted on Jul 12, 2009

The PhoneGap guys are trying to bring development with web standards to the mobile platform, specifically by leveraging WebKit, which is available and/or used on basically all platforms but the BlackBerry. That seems like a hell of a goal to me.In part because of their goofy PhoneGap slides, the PhoneGap project seems like a bunch of hackers taking a good idea and giving it their all. I find the concept of web standards incredibly appealing and have felt that way for many years. The fact that a technical team can attempt to move development forward by making web standards seem like “native” with a sort of starter project that includes an API of its own.

They are also getting very excited about the Joyent Smart Platform and its full-stack JavaScript approach. This certainly fits right in with using web standards all the way to the client.

I’m interested to see where they go with this, for sure.