Charlotte.rb Organizational Meeting

Posted on Aug 13, 2009

Hello, Charlotte Rubyists!

As you may have heard, our organizer and sponsor, Jesse Schoch, has left the Queen City for Northern Virginia early this month. That leaves us with some pretty big shoes to fill if we’d like the group to continue on!

I’d like to suggest an organizational meeting for Amelie’s Bakery on Tuesday, Aug. 25th, starting at 6PM. The goal for the meeting, in addition to socializing with fellow Rubyists, would be for us all to talk about the role we could play in charlotte.rb, if any.

In my experience, the less likely you are to come to meetings in general, the more important and helpful it would for you to attend this one. The single most important role in these groups over time is usually “meeting attendee” so there’s no need to be able to spend a lot of time volunteering or coding or anything like that to have fun and help the group at this meeting. The more idea the group can get about what we’d all like to see, the better.

I basically picked that day out of a hat, so if that’s problematic we can talk about picking a better one. Please leave a comment if you’d be able to come, or have any other questions or comments.

Amelie’s Bakery is located in NoDa.