336 Hours

Posted on Feb 8, 2011

In the next two weeks, I expect the following events:

  • I will speak at Ignite! Charlotte for a second time, this time in front of a sold-out Neighborhood Theater.
  • My wife Megan and I will have a pre-natal visit and our last ultrasound before the birth of our first child, a son, in April.
  • My wife’s parents will make their first visit to Charlotte, bringing their dogs with them. We will have ten living creatures in the house.
  • I will turn 32.
  • My wife will have a baby shower.
  • My parents will visit with the intention of selecting a new home for themselves, here in Charlotte. ¬†After that selection, I expect the logistics of their move to be made in a short amount of time.
  • I will attend a meeting of CRTEC which promises to become the home of Charlotte’s technology leadership, followed by a meeting with another CRTEC member to discuss our vision of Charlotte’s software development community.
  • I will attend an all-day workshop for entrepreneurs focused on preparing for investment and attracting investors to small businesses, put on by the BIG council in conjunction with the SBTDC.
  • I will submit a talk for RailsConf 2011.
  • Megan and I will attend a Punch Brothers show at the Neighborhood Theater. Chris Eldridge is a dear friend of Megan’s.
  • I will celebrate the one year anniversary of going freelance with it’s bspoke.
  • Adam Howell and I will observe the one year anniversary of Work Montage and our product Mocksup.
  • And finally, although a more formal announcement will be forthcoming, I’ve altered bspoke’s charter to accept a full-time CTO position at Otherscreen, a web and mobile startup here in Charlotte, NC. It is a true privilege to be working with this team already, and you should expect big things.

That’s in addition to client work and the particulars of every day life. If I am overly quiet or missing for a good portion of February, now you know why. If I owe you something, please keep reminding me. Except for you, Raquel, I’m almost done with your recommendation.