The end of an era

Posted on Apr 16, 2015

I notified my employees and clients this week that itsbspoke will cease operations on May 31, with the month of May serving as a transition and severance period for the team. I am now looking for full-time employment starting June 1.

I feel such gratitude that I’ve had an opportunity to work with wonderful teammates and clients during the past five years. I knew there were significant entrepreneurial risks as I grew my team and expanded the scope of itsbspoke. Unfortunately, the opportunities I envisioned as a business owner did not materialize.

I am proud of what we have accomplished with our clients, with Charlotte’s startup community, and through the civic projects we’ve undertaken to benefit the City itself. PitchBreakfast and Charlotte Startup Weekend are now fixtures in the entrepreneurial community. Code for Charlotte is now improving quality of life for all Charlotteans. CRTEC and it-ology contribute significantly to the technology community here. I’ve made so many new friends through my newsletter, and heard from so many that it has made a difference for them, as well.

I may return to these commitments in time, but now I’m eager to open a new chapter in my professional life, a chapter with more focused personal aspirations and a greater dedication to fulfulling the growing needs of my young family.

What’s next for me:

I am looking for full-time employment with a target first day of June 1. I am committed to staying in Charlotte. My ideal position would allow me to achieve the following goals:

Work toward a more just world

I believe in the possibilities of a world of with abundant economic opportunity and justice. I’ve loved getting involved in the civic technology community her in Charlotte. The opportunity to make a difference in my community, and other communities, through the power of technology is important to me.

Develop myself as a manager and leader

My next step is not becoming 10x more effective as a software engineer, but in creating and leading teams that can reach new heights and accomplish what was once thought impossible. I might not have an MBA, but I’ve led teams down the road of hard knocks, built the relationships necessary and achieved success more often than not. This represents the next phase for me.

Ditch the headphones

I no longer feel the need to prove I can slap on the headphones and crush code to make a delivery date. I’m certainly not opposed to bringing my whole self to any assignment, and of course that capability is valuable.

I spent the first twenty years of my career learning all I could about how to deliver and operate successful web applications that scaled. While that experience certainly helps avoid expensive mistakes and failures, I’ve learned that technology alone is never ultimately responsible for a project’s success. My opportunities for growth involve attending to the business, organizational, and leadership dimensions of succes, and that requires setting the headphones aside.

Get in touch

With these goals in mind, if you think you or your firm might be a good fit for me, or if you know of someone I should speak with about possible opportunities, let me know via email or LinkedIn